EPSON V370 Perfection Flatbed Scanner



For fantastic high resolution scanning, with multiple attractive additional features, consider the Epson V370 Perfection Flatbed Scanner. A wealth of options Featuring 4800 x 9600 dpi of optical resolution and a transparency unit to scan slides, film and negatives the Epson V370 is a versatile piece of kit which is ideal if you have a glut of old, treasured traditional prints that you want to transfer to digital format. Additionally, for students the 180-degree extendable hinge will facilitate the scanning of bulky text books and even 3D objects which makes the Epson V370 an invaluable tool for completing and enhancing assignments and dissertations. A few added extras The Epson V370 will enable you to scan to email at the touch of a button – perfect for pinging important documents securely to their recipients and without the hassle of the postal service. You can also scan documents directly to PDF format so you can be sure the documents will be tamper-proof. If photography and photo editing is your thing, Epson Easy Photo Fix makes it simple to breathe life into tired images by restoring faded colour and removing the appearance of dust and scratches. If you need to access documents when you are out and about, such as when you are on the train, the Epson V370 is equipped with Epson Document Capture which facilitates direct scanning to cloud storage services so you can access scanned documents from any mobile device such as your tablet or smartphone. For a highly versatile and intuitive scanner, look no further than the Epson V370 Perfection Flatbed Scanner.

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