Xperia E5 White




Housing a range of impressive features inside one affordable smartphone; the Sony Xperia E5 is the perfect budget option for anyone who wants to pay less on a handset; without sacrificing a great camera and large HD display. We recommend the point-and-shoot simplicity of the Xperia E5’s 13MP camera; which uses Auto Scene Recognition to automatically adjust the camera based on your setting. To the front; there’s a 5MP secondary camera for pin-sharp selfie opportunities. Enjoy your favourite YouTube videos or Netflix box-sets on a 5 inch display that offers playback in stunning HD for maximum immersion. This HD screen will keep you entertained for hours as you binge on movies; games; or just surfing the web. The Sony Xperia E5 is a handset that won’t run out of steam before you; thanks to a super-sized battery which Sony claim can last up to two days on a single charge. And for those worried about storage; there’s a microSD slot on board; capable of holding an extra 200GB. With a stylish design that is unmistakably Sony; the Xperia E5 combines outstanding features with a price-tag to suit any pocket.

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